USA Green Card Lottery 2019 Qualifications

USA green card lottery 2019Are you planning to live in the USA? If you like to have such plan, it must be good to learn about the USA green card lottery 2019. It is actually a great opportunity for a prospective immigrant since they do not need to have a test before they live in the USA when they are able to win the lottery. However, it must be noted that it does not mean you will be free from any qualification since the lottery also has some requirements to be fulfilled. For more, check this out!

About USA Green Card Lottery 2019 Qualifications

Let’s begin from the qualifications of this year green card lottery. It can be said that this lottery is open for all people worldwide. However, there are some limitations since this lottery is not available for natives from particular counties which seem to have many immigrants in the USA. The USA green card lottery 2019 is not available for those who were born in Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, Canada, China, Bangladesh, India, Peru, and Haiti. If your country is not on the list, it means that you may register as well as apply for the program.

In addition, it is also significant to know that you can only get the green card when you are able to provide some proofs that are required by the US government at the time you are winning the lottery. In this case, there are two options of requirements that you can apply. The first one is to show that you have done your US High School or foreign education is equivalent to the US High School. Or you can show that you have worked in the United States in one of the occupations required by the program with minimal two years. That’s about USA green card lottery 2019 qualifications.

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