Understanding Preeclampsia and Its Danger

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Pregnancy is something that is waited by all women. Getting pregnant and being a mother will be a blessing to them. When it comes to them in choosing the best way to take care of their pregnancy and baby, women will do the best things possible. But, some cases in pregnancy causes the woman’s body to fight against them. In this case, in pregnancy, some women will experience a condition which is popular with the term of preeclampsia. So, what is actually preeclampsia and how it brings danger towards the mother and baby?

The Definition of Preeclampsia

In this case, preeclampsia can be considered as the complication in pregnancy. The sign of this condition can be seen as hypertension in the pregnant women. Some women might also experience the organ damage. The common organ damage is kidney damage, which can be seen as there is a high level of protein in the pregnant woman’s urine. In some cases, this condition can also be known as toxemia. The condition is actually really dangerous both for baby and the mother. Therefore, the pregnant women should always do their routine doctor appointment to check their condition.

The signs of preeclampsia can be seen when pregnancy is in the twentieth week. The condition can last for some days after the labor. The fatal condition can be seen when a pregnant woman doesn’t realize that she is experiencing preeclampsia. When it is too late, the condition has been developed to be eclampsia, which is very dangerous for the baby and the mother. In fatal cases, the symptoms can be seen as the pregnant women experience difficulty in breathing, headache, and pain in the belly. Liver damage can also be seen in some cases. When the signs occur, the mother to be should contact the doctor immediately.

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