Ultimate Steps Against Ingrown Pimple

ingrown pimpleOne problematic issue that disrupts your appearance is a pimple. An ordinary pimple is caused by a hormonal change or bacterial infection. However, there is another pimple that makes your life miserable. This pimple is called ingrown pimple, and it is caused by ingrown hair. The hair that behaves differently from other can cause a pimple. Though it can be avoided by properly shaving your hair, there is always a chance that you get this pimple once in a lifetime. If you want to remove it, be sure to follow these methods.

Steps Against An Ingrown Pimple

The first step is preparing the materials for curing the pimple. They are an (anti-bacterial) cleanser, non-comedogenic oil, lukewarm water, soft bristled toothbrush, and cotton towel. Those items are required for curing pimple ritual. The cleanser can be used along with non-comedogenic oil. However, most people prefer choosing one of them depending on the case. An ingrown pimple caused by bacterial infection can be cured easily with antibacterial cleanser. Meanwhile, pimple caused by clogged pores can be cured effectively with non-comedogenic cleanser. After you know the cause, you can start applying the cleanser or the oil to a pimple using the bristled toothbrush. Rub it with a circular motion, and be sure to be gentle.

After rubbing it, you need to rinse it with clean lukewarm water. This cleans your skin, and you need to dry it out with the soft towel. You need to dry your skin quickly using the cotton towel which can absorb the water quickly. This time, you should not rub your skin. Instead, it is suggested that you pat the towel instead. Do this gently until your skin dries completely. The procedure takes quite a while, and it is essential to dedicate your time to remove an ingrown pimple. Additionally, you need to do this ritual regularly until a pimple disappears.

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