Types of Headache

As having been known that being healthy is a must in which health is so expensive as people say. Actually, it is true since without health you cannot do the things that you love to. Talking more about health, indeed you need to know about the disease too in order that you can prevent various disease including a headache. This disease is a really a common disease which many people have experienced. It also can be related to certain disease too in which a headache is one of the symptoms of the disease.

Some Types of Headache

Moreover, another thing that you should know about a headache is the types of it. In this case, the headache has several kinds of types depending on the area of the head that feel the pain up to how long it occurs. To begin with, headache is separated to be episodic and chronic. Those two are the primary tension and it can be a common headache that people get. Another primary headache that you need to know is primary muscle contraction.

After that for those who have experienced migraine, actually, there are some kinds of this disease too. In this case, primary migraine has two types that are called with aura and without aura. Premature cluster headache and paroxysmal hemicrania is the next kind of a headache you need to know. About the other primary headache itself, you can find primary stabbing headache, primary cough headache, and primary thunderclap headache.

Meanwhile, there is a term called hypnic headache on which a headache can awaken someone from their sleep. Hemicrania continua then will be the next type of a headache which is persistently or continuously. For the chronic one, you should know that there is NDPH or new daily persistent headache. By knowing the info about headache type, now you can define certain kind of a headache, can’t you?

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