Treatment as Prevention of Dust Mites

Dust mites become one of the nuisance bugs in your house. Although it is a bug, dust mite become one of spider family. Dust mites are so tiny that makes it difficult to be seen. Do house dust mites bite? Yes, they can bite you. The sign of dust mite bites is similar to bed bugs bites. Then, the symptoms also appeared on all of your body. It can be itchy or swollen. Moreover, you can also feel itchy in your eyes and nose and even sneeze. For some people who have asthma, there might be some additional symptoms.

Do House Dust Mites Bite Your Skin?

Do house dust mites bite? As mentioned before, the dust mite does bite a human. There are also some symptoms that appeared on your skin. Since they are too small, you even cannot feel when the dust mites bite on you. Suddenly, the signs and symptoms appear on your skin. In that situation, you have to take some prevention so there will be no such situation again. You can take prevention for your house and yourself.

You can do prevention of dust mite bites from treating yourself. When the dust mite bites on your skin, it might be annoying. Although there are some medications to cure the symptoms, you also need to take treatment to cure it as soon as possible. When bathing, don’t forget to drop about 10 to 20 drops of 100% pure of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and clove oil. The dust mites will hate all of them. Then, you can also take Lavender-Sulphur soap, so the dust mites will go away from your body since they hate it. Moreover, this soap is organic so it will not harm your skin. Is it easy when do house dust mites bite, right?

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