Three Simple Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

healing stages of a tattooLosing someone we love and adore wholeheartedly has never been an easy situation. Devastated, regret, and sadness all in one. But, what is gone is gone. There is nothing we can really do about it, except pray the best for them. Speaking about the death of our loved ones, do you realize that we always bring a flower to their funeral and place it on their grave? Yes, it has been a tradition to show our condolence. Why always flowers? Can we bring something else that still symbolizes the condolence? Of course, we can. This article is about the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers you can give to your loved ones for the last time.

You Can Make Simple Funeral Gift Ideas Instead of Flowers

If you desperately want something different as funeral gift ideas instead of flowers, we will give you some inspiration gifts you might love and choose one. Let’s check the paragraph below!

  1. A wooden poster. Do you know that you can make an exquisite poster out of the tree trunk? Yes, definitely. A wooden poster will absolutely last longer than the paper one. Paint your favorite picture of your dearest one over the tree trunk that has been cut into a circle or square with the medium size. Voila!
  2. Giving a stuffed animal. A doll can never go wrong. To show our loss, a stuffed animal such as teddy bear doll can still work best for the grieving situation. Give it to the bereaved family along with a condolence message.
  3. A photo album. In the remembrance of your loved one, you can collect the picture of them with you, print them out, and turn it into a pretty album to show your grieve that the family would appreciate.

We are sure the three suggestions for the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers above doesn’t require an extra effort to make. Choose one and have a good day!

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