Things that you Need to Know about Pomeranian

When you decided to bring the teacup Pomeranian in your house, you must be already knowing about the rules of having the Pomeranian right? the rules are about having times with your dog, because this little digs need times to play, especially with their master. So, when you bring this Pomeranian in your house, you to spend your time with this dog, because it will make them happy and away from stress. This little dog needs some fresh air and of course you can take them to a walk and do some simple things to play with them. This is the rule number one that you need to understand. Especially before you go and adopt the Pomeranian.

Rules That You Need to Understand

Not only about to spend times with your little dog, when you are having the teacup Pomeranian you also need to make sure if they are getting what they need, like the best cage and make sure if the cage always clean and not dirty. Make sure if you do the cleaning once in a day. Another thing that you need to know before you adopt this little dig is about their food. Yes, they need dog food that contains vitamin, protein and also calcium as well. So, find the good and best dog food that especially made for this race.

Another thing that you need to learn before you adopt this dog is about how to treat their hair, because this cute little dog has some nice hair on them and that’s why to keep their hair always healthy and perfect, you need to at least bring them to a pet shop that capable to give the teacup Pomeranian a very good treatment especially for their hair. That’s few rules that you need to understand before you decide to bring the teacup Pomeranian into your house.

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