Samsung Galaxy S8 Giveaway For You

samsung galaxy giveawayAre you willing to buy a Smartphone? Before you do that, you need to read this explanation though. You know one of the Smartphone exist, one of them is Samsung. This brand seeming spread in all around the world. The newest one from Samsung is called Samsung galaxy s8. Many people have been dreaming having this Smartphone, but the price is quite fantastic so that they need to collect the money to get that phone. You can join Samsung galaxy s8 giveaway. This giveaway will give you the chance getting Samsung galaxy s8 for free. If you are ready to join, then you need to go to this next explanation.

How To Win Samsung Galaxy S8 Giveaway 2017?

Samsung galaxy s8 has become everyone’s wish. If you want this, then you need to have a little bit struggle because the price is not that affordable. Well, you can join this event called giveaway. This Samsung galaxy s8 giveaway will make you have the chance having that Smartphone. You will get this free actually. The technology offered in this Smartphone is many. You can enjoy the facility of a fingerprint sensor, iris scanning, and also always on display screen, and then certification of IP68 that will make this Smartphone waterproof and also resistant to dust. The operating system used is Android nougat.

This phone has specification like first, the signal will be 3G until 4G LTE. Then this Smartphone offers you the space for dual SIM and also one Nano SIM. The dimension of this Smartphone is 148.8 x 68.1 x 8 mm. The material used for this phone is glass and also metal. It has LED notification too. For the resolution of the screen, it will be 1440 x 2960 pixel. The camera is 12 MP for the back camera and the front one is 8 MP. Go get it now by joining this Samsung galaxy s8 giveaway now.