Step by Step on How to Turn on Location on iPhone 6

how to turn on location on iphone 6The existence of smartphone, of course, becomes something important for people life. Many people use the smartphone on their work and their daily activity. One of the examples is that you can detect any location using iPhone or another smartphone. Then, do you know how to turn on location on iPhone 6? Of course, you can use this feature to help you to find some locations around you. If you still do not know the best way to turn on the location setting, you can read the following paragraphs and find your answer.

How to Turn on Location on iPhone 6 easily

When you want to look for some location but you do not know the specific direction, you can use the help of Location Services on your iPhone. Actually, this service is a very common service that you can find on any smartphone. To turn on your Location Services, you can go to your Settings. Then, after you go there, you can find many choices and one of them is Privacy. Tap that Privacy menu and then you can find the setting for Location Services. Turn it on so that you can use the feature of your iPhone 6. This is the procedure on how to turn on location on iPhone 6.

After the Location Services feature in your iPhone is on, you can do many things with this feature related with looking for any location. For the example, you can ask for direction or a certain location. Then, you also can share the location where you are at the time by turning the Location Services. When this feature is on, it means that you will get optimized in any information about the location near you. So, knowing how to turn on location on iPhone 6 will be very important for you.

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