Step To Install Wooden Laminate Flooring

staircase landingsToday, we are going to show you some simple tips and step by step instructions to install laminate flooring, especially wooden planks laminate flooring. To install wooden laminate flooring, you will need wooden laminate floor installation kits. Inside the installation kit, you will find all of the materials and tools you will need to install wooden planks laminate floor. The step of installing laminate floor is very easy, and it cost you really cheap. Because of its cheapness and easiness laminate flooring become the best choice, and also very popular choice among the homeowners. Now, bellows here, we are going to show you some tips and instructions to install wooden laminate flooring.

Easy Step By Step Instructions To Install Laminate Flooring On Your Home

Before installing the wooden laminate flooring, you will need to acclimate your wooden planks with the temperature and humidity of your room. This step is needed to prevent any buckling after the laminate floor is installed. To install laminate flooring, firstly you need to make a plan and layout of your flooring. Measure the size of your room, how long and how wide. You also need to count how many wooden planks needed to cover the entire floor and choose which directions you want for your wooden planks layout. After you made the plan and layout, remove any molding baseboard you have using a prybar, and then clean up your floor with any debris and nails.

Now, lay out the first row of your wooden planks. Make sure you lay out correctly, and follow up on your plans and layout. Make a little gap between the wooden planks and the wall, at least make ΒΌ inch gap. Layout all of the wooden planks until it covers the entire floor. After laying out the final row, reinstall your molding baseboard by using hammer and finishing nails. Put a finishing touch by waxing, and polishing it, to make your wooden laminate floor shiny, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Now, that’s it step by step instructions to install laminate flooring on your own.

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