How to Stay Away from Osteoporosis

Health careWhen many women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, it does not mean that men are immune to this condition. It means that everyone both women and men are possible to fight osteoporosis on their lifetime. It is not a new disease that we have just known. It has been a familiar disease from a long time ago. Then, what should we do to stay away from this problem? You can read this following information and discover the best ways to prevent this problem.

Easy Ways to Stay Away from Osteoporosis

In the first place, it is recommended to stop drinking champagne, soft drink or any sparkling water which is known to have the ability to leak calcium from our bones. There has been a research which shows that overload soft drink intake can make even 16 to 20 years old women lose their bone. For your information, the carbonated drink has too much phosphate as well that is able to make us lose more calcium. Secondly, we may need to eliminate excess intake on protein as well. Since this condition can make acidity in our body, it means that we can lose more calcium when we eat too much protein.

In addition, we need to maintain our stomach acid as well. It is known that stomach acid can help us to absorb several minerals including magnesium, calcium as well as zinc. Subsequently, we need to consider cutting out caffeine as well. It is reported that every cup of coffee which we drink make it possible for our body to lose its calcium. That’s why it is a good option to drink coffee moderately if you want to stay away from osteoporosis. Next, we need to eat food that is rich in calcium. The last but not least, get some sun to get natural vitamin D that can assist us to absorb calcium.

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