Why Smoking And Drinking Is Unhealthy?

Health tipsSmoking and drinking are an addictive activity that some people love. For some people, smoking and drinking are needs, and they can’t live without them. They need to smoke in the certain times, the same rule applies to drinking. But, did you know that smoking and drinking is one of the unhealthy habits, and we should decrease and avoid them? Although for some people they don’t think smoking or drinking can cause them any disease, it is wrong. There are many health complications that can be caused by smoking and drinking habits. Here, let us show you some danger, health complication and what affects you will get in smoking or drinking.

What Are The Dangerous Effects Of Smoking And Drinking?

Smoking kills you. It’s popular slangs, and there are several reasons behind that slang. Why is smoking dangerous? First, inside every cigarette, there is not only tobacco, but there are also several dangerous chemical ingredients such as nicotine, tar and much more. If we consume this chemical ingredient for too long, it will stack up inside of our lungs, and it can cause some respiration disease from it’s such as lungs cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia and much more. Not only the smoker that can stack up these dangerous matters. but the people around the smoker will also get the same chemical matters.

As for drinking, Drinking is fine, but if we do it in the controlled schedule and we don’t drink too much. Drinking can cause addiction, and if we are addicted to drinking, there will be several health complications awaiting us. Well, there are many disease and illness we will get for drinking too much like liver, kidneys malfunction and much more. Wine and beers also contain a lot of calorie inside it, so it is better to don’t drink it too much as it can cause obesity.

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