Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Features that You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S8 is absolutely one of best smartphone in the market. In fact, it is the best smartphone that will change the world of smartphone from Samsung as the manufacturer. There are some good features that may blow your mind, and it is surprising at the same time. The feature is called Bixby which is actually an artificial intelligence. You can ask the AI to do various jobs without problem. That includes asking your phone to play multimedia files, send those files, display news, and many other tasks. It is quite interesting to see how this AI plays important role in Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Features

You may be wondering how to use the powerful feature of S8 with its special virtual assistant. It is fairly easy to do so. One of the easiest one is by pressing the Bixby button. Another way to activate the AI is by saying “Hey Bixby”. If you think that this feature in Samsung Galaxy S8 is just like Okay Google feature, you are not totally correct. The reason is that the capability of Bixby to learn your behavior is smarter and more reliable than the Okay Google. Take one example, if you usually ask Bixby to open YouTube in your lunch break, Bixby will introduce some sheets or video recommendation that you might want to watch.

Another cool feature that you should know is integration between Samsung, WebMD and Am well. You should be aware that those websites are health websites which give a rich amount of information about the certain disease and possible cure. You can browse some symptoms, medications, and prevention method of certain disease especially if you have set an appointment with the doctor. Of course, you can make the appointment in the app directly. Everything is set up for you within Samsung Galaxy S8.

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