Questions About What Causes An Earthquake

what causes earthquakesPeople often ask questions about what causes an earthquake. Well, most earthquakes around the world are caused by tectonic events. However, earthquakes can also be caused by something else. One of the most common causes of earthquakes after the tectonic event is volcanic eruptions. Tectonic earthquakes happen if the tectonic plates of the earth are shifting. The shifting can cause a massive amount of friction. This friction can cause the upper land to shake and cause earthquakes. Some earthquakes are small and people may not notice them. However, the big earthquakes can destroy skyscraper building. Thus, it is better for you to stay away from the tall object in case of earthquakes. Try to stay outdoor and find an open field. Save yourself and bring your family to safety afterward.

What Causes An Earthquake?

One of the most frequently asked questions about a natural disaster is what causes an earthquake. The second most common cause of earthquake is a volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruptions can also be triggered by the tectonic earthquake. Countries that have many volcanos such as Indonesia must be careful about the volcanic eruption and the earthquakes. Modern countries such as the United States and Japan frequently educate their people about dangerous disasters. Thus, the people can prepare themselves and survive in case of natural disasters.

Earthquakes can also lead to other dangerous natural disasters such as massive landslides, volcano eruption, and deadly tsunami. Therefore, it is highly advised to stay away from a beach after an earthquake. If the center of an earthquake happens below the sea, the tsunami can occur. Tsunami is very destructive and can destroy anything in its path. Countries that have a high risk of being attacked by tsunami usually build a concrete wall to reduce the damage caused by the tsunami. You can ask natural disaster experts to get more info about what causes an earthquake.

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