Pokemon Go’s New Feature And Update

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Are you playing Pokemon Go with Tutuapp Pokemon Go Android? Now that we have a new update for the Gen 3 of the game, you may need to check for the new update of the Tutuapp as well if you really love to use the app to play the game. The new game comes with several new features and updates that make it into a different game that you may get confused if you do not learn the fresh update first. That’s why you need to check out this following information for more.

Latest News About Tutuapp Pokemon Go Android

In the first place, you must know that we will have a brand new set of Pokemon in the latest update. There will be about 50 more Pokemon added to the game. It means that we can expect for more Pokemon when we try to hunt them. Before talking about the TutuApp Pokemon Go Android, we must learn about another update that is available now. Another important update is the real-world weather that is not impacted by the game. In this case, you will see the same weather in the game just like the weather you feel in the real world. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Moreover, there is also weather spawns which make it possible for the weather to affect the spawns around you. For example, when it is rainy, it is possible to get more electric, bug and water Pokemon to spawn. Then, we can also expect for weather bonus as well. In addition to the weather bonus, weather buff is also available. More interestingly, you will be able to make multiple battle parties when you want to do battle in raids or gym. And there are some other new changes that you can check. Now, you may need to check the new thing about TutuApp Pokemon Go Android.

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