Papua And Bridge On The Sea

One of the recent information about West Papua is the news about the bridge on the sea of this island. This is one of many West Papua Info that makes people amazed and realizes about how great the construction is working in Papua. To increase the development of the economic side of Papua, the bridge on the sea will be a great point for the people there. It becomes the other improvement of the development of Papua. Of course, it will give the good impact of economic values and also the other aspects of the society there.

West Papua Info; The Bridge On The Sea To Finish In 2018

With the existence of the bridge with the length about 732 meters, it can facilitate the settlements area, the density of urban areas and also become the facility of the economic activities of people in Papua. It will also increase the economic relationship between Indonesia and our country neighbor, Papua New Guinea. This West Papua info becomes one of the most interesting news for the people there. It also becomes the great news for people in Papua. As this bridge is constructed in the sea. It has the high risk of the constriction. It also requires a high number of budget to construct the whole bridge.

To build this bridge, the government need to pour about IDR 1.5 trillion for the construction. The cost for the construction of this bridge is divided from the APBN and also the APBD. From those budget source, the bridge will fully construct and the people there should wait until this 2018 to finish the bridge construction. After the construction finish, the government hopes that it can help the increasing of the economic value and also the tourism there. That is all West Papua info about the bridge in the sea of Papua.

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