Nutrition You Get From Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna is one of many fishes that become favorites for many people. As many people interest in tuna, the suppliers of tuna always give the different option of tuna packaging. For the example, you can find frozen Yellowfin tuna loin as one of the packaging’s that available. Of course, people choose the packaging based on their needs of the tuna. Some people might choose the fresh one, but some other might decide to buy the frozen one. Whatever is your choice of packaging, the important thing that you have to know about Yellowfin tuna is the nutrition. Do you want to know about the nutrition inside Yellowfin tuna?

Nutrition In Yellowfin Tuna That You Eat

As knowing the amount of the nutrition that you can find in the food you eat is something good, you also have to know about the amount of the nutrition of Yellowfin tuna if you love to eat tuna. So, how much nutrition you will get from any tuna packaging like frozen Yellowfin tuna loin?

  • You have to remember that Tuna is rich in calories, which is about 185 calories.
  • The same with the other fish, Yellowfin tuna also has a high amount of protein, which is about 40.1 grams per 171 grams’ raw tuna.
  • About the cholesterol, it has about 77 milligrams.
  • Meanwhile, Yellowfin tuna also has Omega-3 with 0.3 grams, and also saturated fat with 0,3 grams in 171 grams of raw tuna.
  • Yellowfin also has Sodium which is about 63 milligrams per 171 grams of raw fish.

By knowing about the nutrition, you will know deeper about this fish. As the nutrition is based on the package with different mass, you also better to pay attention to the details of the nutrition in the package that you receive, like the package of frozen Yellowfin tuna loin.

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