Miraculous Lemon Recipes for Health

Health tipsLemon is so popular among people. It is fresh, sour and can bring a particular calming sensation when you drink the punch or other drinks with the lemon in it. You can also use lemon for cooking and baking. In some cases, adding lemon can also help you in getting rid the unpleasing smell. Therefore, you will find many advantages by using lemon as some recipes that will boost your health and stop the problems in your body. Wow, there are so many uses of lemon for your body, right? So, are you curious about the recipes? Here they are!

Simple Recipes for Healthy Body

The first recipe is dedicated to women. Indeed, in their monthly calendar, they will get the menstrual cramps that are so annoying and not comfortable to feel. Some women are even found in the great pain when they are in their period. Luckily, lemon is also good for keeping your body healthy and strong even during your period. This is by consuming the lemon recipe which is made from the combination of lemon, ginger, and honey. These ingredients will be good for your body and it will help strengthen your stamina as well as calming the cramps.

Lemon can also be used for being sore throat remedies. When you get a sore throat, you will feel annoyed as you will get difficulty in talking. So, you can make a simple recipe made from lemon, warm water, and salt. Drink it while it is still warm. It will help you to reduce a sore throat. The warm water will also warm your tummy. The last recipe is made for the one with sinus. You can mix apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon juice with warm water. Drink it and you will feel the difference as your sinus reduced. This is very easy and cheap, right?

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