The Meaning Of Allahu Akbar

ZamhariHave you ever meet Muslim? Yes, they are all people who believe in the existence of Allah who is the greatest. They will pray and they will say several phrases and you might ever hear one of them. Today will be discussed about the phrases usually you hear from Muslim. There will be several phrases such as Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, and also Allahu Akbar and much more. But here will be discussed about AllahuAkbar. This phrase almost often said by Muslim and actually, it has the meaning which is very deep, so that if you want to find out more you can read the next explanation here.

When Do They Say, Allahu Akbar?

Islam religion will use many words and also phrases in Arabic so that wherever Muslim come from and whatever native tongue they have, they will say the phrases in the Arabic language too, like while they do prayers they will say it in Arabic. Here will be explained about Allahu Akbar. This one phrase has a deep meaning and also philosophy. Muslim will use this phrases from many usages. They will say it in several kinds of situations. But first, let’s talk about the meaning. It has to mean Allah is the greatest. It is called as Takbir and it usually been used in prayers called Sholat which is done 5 times in a day.

It can be concluded that this phrases will be used in prayers. Then the next this phrases can be used while Muslim in distress times. Human will face several situations. There will be a time when you are so worried and panic; you can say Allahu Akbar when you meet the situation. Muslim will say this to remember that God will be there even when they are in distress times. They believe that God will help them to get through the situation. They believe that anything happens is based on God.

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