Looking for Knives Under 100?

If you are looking for a knife under 100, we have the list of the best pocket knife under $100. Knife continue to evolve. Nowadays, the knife becomes smaller but still practical. The manufacturers also put great effort to make it more practical and functional. Even you can do many different tasks with just one knife.

Best Knife Under 100 In New Works

We have compiled our version of the best pocket knife under 100 here. The knife will ensure your safety and perform with good quality. We are sure that you will, at least, fall in love with one or two knives from our list.

  1. Ontario Folding Knife

This folding knife is the one among many great folding knives. This knife is small and light. But it performs so well since it has a sharp blade. It is perfect to cut things. The folding is very effective and it makes the opening of this Ontario knife very easy. This knife also has a great locking system so you can grab and pull the knife from every object easily. The handle varies in colors. You can also choose the knife freely since it has various blade shapes too. Ontario folding knife is also suitable for everyday chores.


  1. Kershaw Knife

Another great folding knife is Kershaw knife. The reason why this knife is really good for you is that the weight is very light so you can carry it easily. Although the stainless steel is cheap and affordable, the performance and quality of Kershaw knife are not cheap. You can sharpen the blade easily. The knife also comes with a clip so you can carry it easily. Kershaw knife is great for cutting quickly.

Ontario and Kershaw’s knife are best knives under 100 that you are looking for. If you want to know the exact price, you can visit best pocket knife sites here for further information.

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