List Of Favorite Android Games

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games which many people play for it. You also should know that there are many games like GTA options that you can play too and you can get different atmosphere from it.

Top 5 Games Likes GTA

You should know that there are top 5 games like GTA which you should know and you play it to get a different experience to play the game. The top 5 games are:

  1. Saints Row Series. The series offers you many options for vehicles you can use it to explore the world. This is an open world game like the GTA one.
  2. Sleeping Dogs. In this game, you can get an open world game with adventure genre on it. in this game, you can take the place in Hong Kong. This game is more focus on the hand to hand relies and combat on the cover system when you can choose whether you want to use the weapon or not.
  3. Red Dead Redemption. This is an open world game with adventure genre on it. If you like storyline which can bring the justice for you, this game will be the best options for it.
  4. Mafia Series. If you would like to play the GTA in the deeper and realistic storyline, you can play this game and get more experience for it.
  5. Just Cause Series. If you want to play the GTA series in the tropical style island with an open world and adventure game on it, you should play this game too.

Those are the game options which like GTA but in the different place and experience on it. You can play them and see whether you like to play them like you like to play the GTA. If you need more games to play, you can visit

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