Latest car review for Ford Focus

latest car reviewAmong many cars in 2017, there is one exciting model that you should take a look at. It is the Ford Focus RS Edition 2017. This car is a beast in terms of appearance. It looks cool, sleek, and speedy. It is like this city car is going to take over the roads with its vibrant paint job and roadster characteristic. The Ford Focus, just like usual, comes in various color tone. However, latest car review also notes that the Focus RS edition also brings sporty elements to show off. With some upgrades you can enjoy, this new Ford definitely one that you should consider is your next dream car.

Latest Car Review For Ford Focus 2017 With New Look And Performance

The first thing that should be noted is always related to the appearance. However, we already learned that this car is cool. Going to its engine, we have mechanical upgrades that make this car more powerful. First of all, it comes with 2.3 liters of turbocharger engine. It can generate 345 horsepower. It seems low for the RS version. However, considering its weight, this car is swifter than any other heavier car. That is why latest car review considers this car as a powerful option.

Furthermore, this car also puts a balance between understeer and oversteer even though the emphasis is still on the front part of the wheels. After all, this FF car is designed to be swift in cornering, and that is why it is emphasized in that area. Moreover, it is worth noting that this car is also great on the slippery surface. This tech is helpful especially for better safety when driving on slippery roads. Latest car review for this car obviously considers this car as a good car. With its starting price that reaches to $36,000, it is considered as the affordable car you can choose.

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