Knowing Pitbull Puppies Sickness Symptoms

Sick pitbull puppies cannot say the pain in words, they will show through physical symptoms or behavioral changes. Therefore, we need special attention to the puppies so that we can know the condition of their health.

How Do We Know The Symptoms?

Here are 5 symptoms if your pitbull puppies get sick:

  • Eyes

Eyes are a very visible health indicator, eyes that look sadly it’s a sign of a sick dog. Red eyes show a fever dog. Yellow eye is an indication of a dog having liver disorders. Severe intestinal infections can cause eye damage. Larva roundworm larvae can migrate to the eye resulting in permanent damage to the eyeball.

  • Urine

Dog urine should be noticed, sometimes this is not considered because dogs usually urinate in the yard on the ground. Healthy dog urine is light yellow. Dogs that have a fever will urinate yellow dark. Yellow urine is one of the symptoms of leptospirosis disease transmitted by rats

  • Ears

The skin in the ears of a dog is pink, clean and there is a little layer of wax yellow or brown. A healthy dog whose ears do not look red does not swell inside the ear, it does not excrete fluid, dirt, or odor.

  • Hair

A healthy dog has thick, shiny hairs. Dull, rough, dry or bald hair is a sign that there is a problem with your dog. Check whether the dog has fleas or other skin parasites.

  • Feces

The feces must be considered as well. Sometimes a dog has diarrhea. This can be caused by sudden food changes. Dog worms can also cause diarrhea. It should be noted if the dog removes bloody dirt, is black, and smells sharp. Those characteristics of dogs have bacterial or viral infections in their digestive system.

So be a super-sensitive owner of your puppies’ behavior change. If you come to visit, you will find other information relating to pitbull puppies.

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