Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Teeth are part of the body that plays an important role to filter food that was previously rough and impossible to enter the body. The function of the teeth is to split food when we eat it.

A Simple Way to Make Your Teeth Keep Healthy

Maintaining dental health is also one of the keys to keeping our life healthy, following a fairly easy way for you to do.

  • Brushing Teeth Regularly

You can try by brushing your teeth properly and regularly as the first way to remove tartar. Brushing your teeth regularly does provide many benefits for the mouth or teeth. You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Try after you eat and before sleep, you should brush your teeth first.

  • Flossing

As we know that tartar can also be caused by bacteria that exist in the teeth and mouth. Therefore, by using flossing, the remnants of food in your mouth and bacteria will be removed as a whole. Perform flossing once a day to keep your teeth clean of corals.

  • Drinking water

How to remove the tartar is simpler is to consume water. Of course, water is able to clean corals that nest on teeth. The trick is you only need to consume water regularly every day, at least 8 glasses a day. When you want to use it as a tartar cleanser, you just need to gargle with water.

  • Reduce consumption of foods containing sugar and flour

Eliminate tartar can you do by reducing the consumption of foods that can cause tartar. Foods that usually trigger fast plaque on teeth are foods made from sugar and flour. Both of these foods can indeed lead to coral reefs in the teeth. Especially if you are very lazy to clean your teeth after consuming these foods, of course, the plaque will very quickly appear and accumulate on the teeth. Therefore, reduce the consumption of foods containing sugar and flour from now on.

Well, you already know right now. Hopefully, after this, you can better maintain your dental health because the teeth are a reflection of one’s health.

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