Interested In The Opposite Sex

In adolescence, people usually are in search of identity and also have started to have an interest in the opposite sex. Men and women do some of the ways they can attract and get attention from the opposite sex. All these things are very common, everyone must have felt them. Many ways are done to attract attention or show affection and caring for the couple, that is by giving more attention, asking every day, even some who send romantic words every day. You need to do that way because making your love feels comfortable with you is the most important thing in your life.

Attract Attention With Words

In the approach period between men and women, they will try to be as attractive as possible. They strive to please the people they love. Every day on their minds is a person they like, every time they want to meet to let go of each other, and when they meet they will express their joys because they can meet each other and can talk to forget the time. They will definitely say romantic things to make them more intimate and comfortable with each other. If you could do that, it has a high possibility that you will be together in a long time. You will continue the relationship.

There are many love quotes written and spoken by poets from the ancient era to the modern era. The choice of words from the poets brings different language characteristics from each time. Although using different language styles and different impressions, the core of love quotes is the same, expressing our feelings toward the people we care about. The phrases used are diverse and make the people who read them feel the feelings of the poets and become drowned by their words. You can see various kinds of love quotes on

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