The Indonesian Giant Tiger Prawn

Giant tiger prawn is one species from Crustacean family that is quite popular as foods source, as well as the versatile use of culinary. There are many kinds of giant tiger prawn, like black tiger shrimp, giant tiger, and also Indonesia giant tiger shrimp. Giant tiger shrimp can grow up to 30 cm for female, and for the male one, they can grow to only 25 cm. Giant tiger shrimp can also grow into at least 170 to 170 g. Giant tiger shrimp are cultivated, and harvested in shrimp farm, and now there are countless of giant tiger shrimp farm, that is spread across the country, especially South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. In south-east Asian countries, this shrimp is popular foods and had versatile use in many culinary cultures like Thai foods, Indonesian foods, and many more. Not only these shrimp have versatile and delicious meat, but they also contain much useful nutrition that our body needs.

The Market Value Of Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Giant tiger shrimp is widely popular and consumed all around the world, not only in South East Asian countries but also some western countries find this little shrimp is delicious and proves very good for seafood dishes. Since the meat for this shrimp is pretty delicious, no wonder that demands this shrimp is always growing, and now there are countless of people who are looking for stocks of fresh giant tiger shrimp. Indonesia giant tiger shrimp have very good market value, and the price itself isn’t really cheap.

What makes this shrimp is pretty expensive? first of all, it is because of the delicious meat, and delicate juicy meat. This shrimp is also pretty hard to be farmed and reached the premium quality, so no wonder that the Indonesia giant tiger shrimp is pretty expensive in the international fish market. Now, that the even the stock of this shrimp is pretty high, yet the price doesn’t yet go down.

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