Is It Important Shampooing Every Day?

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How often we have to use shampoo? Some people said that we have to less shampoo our hair to make your hair stronger. On other hand, people also said that we have to get more shampoo to avoid bacteria. Which is true? In fact, either both of statements are true or false. Some experts prefer to get shampoo based on the condition of your hair. It is even normal if you did not get shampoo for some few days. Oppositely, you can also get shampoo as much as you want. So, how do we measure on shampooing?

How Does Shampoo Works For Hair?

To know who much we need to shampoo your hair, you can get closer to information about what shampoo is. Actually, shampoo has a function to trap some oils in your hair. If you will not do shampooing, so your hair might be dried. In fact, hair produces sebum which is natural oil so shampoo becomes an emulsifier that will trap and capture that excess oil or dirt. In contrast, it is not a big deal to have natural oils. That is why some people do not need to get much shampoo since they do not have much sebum in their hair.

Should we get shampoo daily? Experts only recommend certain people to get shampoo for daily routine. For people who exercise and get sweat more, people with a very fine hair, and people who live in a humid place are highly recommended to get shampoo every day. If you are one of them, so it is important to take your shampoo every day to reduce some dandruff. On the other hand, if you have curly or dry hair so that you only need wash your hair in some few days since there will be not too much problem.

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