Herbal And Factory Medicine Comparison

Health careThere are many kinds of medicine and drugs. Medicines are divided into two groups, herbal medicine and factory medicine. Herbal medicine is medicine that 100% the materials and ingredients are coming from nature. While the factory medicine is medicine comes from human made materials inside the factory. The factory medicine contains a lot of chemical materials, that is designed by a smart pharmacist. Every medicine has it owns purpose from getting rid of the flu, cough, or simple cold, increasing body immunity system, help to relieve chronic disease like TBC, malaria and much more. There is no cure all medicine, as there are different medicines and purpose of that medicine. But, there is different and comparison between two types of medicine, the herbal medicine and factory man made medicine. Bellows, are the comparison between them.

Comparison, Effects, And Function Of Herbal And Factory Medicine

Herbal medicine is the medicine that comes from natural ingredients, using the traditional method to produce, although there is now factory made herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is pretty famous for its effect, and the best thing about it is, there are nearly no side effects. Not many herbal medicines that will cause bad side effects, this is the great benefits from herbal medicine. People who create a new herbal medicine is sometimes called herbalist. They gather natural ingredients from plants and animals, experimenting them, and then creating the new herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is great and didn’t cause any side effects, but some herbal ingredients are quite hard to get, so some of its, are relatively expensive.

Factory made medicine are cheap medicine, and the effects are wonderful and effective for any ailments and disease. Factory made medicine are mostly made by chemical ingredients and synthetic materials. But, many factory medicines can cause side effects, such as syndrome, drowsiness, dizziness and much more. You will need a doctoral recipe and recommended dose before you consume factory medicine. Factory medicine may seem pretty impressive effect, but you will need to be careful using its.

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