Healthy Rules For A Super Mom

Health lifeMothers are super cool human being. They wake up before the whole family to prepare everything and goes to bed later than us. Being a mother is a tough job, no one can ever replace the role of a mother. Making a breakfast, doing the laundry, cleaning the floor, taking care of the kids and husband, driving kids to school, and even have a career! But mom, your health is everything. Your day can be hectic as ever but you need to stay cheerful and energized.

Awesome Mothers Follow These Rules

If mama gets sick, then nothing runs well. So moms, set up a strategy to take care of your own health is a good idea for you and the family gang.  Here are rules to stay healthy for a super busy mother:

  1. Get enough sleep. Yup, sleep is essential. Get at least 8 hours to sleep in a night and waking up fresh the next morning ready to chase the sun.
  2. Make your own meal and pack it. If the majority of your day is spent outside the room to handle everything, pack a box of a healthy meal with you to fill yourself when you need a fuel.
  3. Join a gym club. When your kids are at their school, you can secretly take a gym class. There is also a club that provides childcare in it so you can bring your toddler to have fun there.
  4. Do the game tag every weekend with your family? Burn your calories with this fun game.
  5. Cut off the sugar. Anything that comes with sweetness can only make you crave more and more and it leads to obesity. Try to minimize your sugar consumption from now on.

Every mom is awesome and I believe she can do just about anything to keep herself fit and the family happy.

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