Health Pancake For Healthier Life

Health lifeBreakfast is sometimes neglected because it should be done in the busiest time ever. There are so many tasks at hand in the morning such as preparing for work or school, preparing kids, and it still does not count when you wake up late. Even though it is extremely hectic time, it should not be a reason why you do not eat breakfast. In fact, you need to fill your body with nutrient so that you can keep up the pace throughout the day. For beginning your day, we have good stuff to share. It is a pancake with oatmeal, blueberry, and yogurt.

How This Package Is Healthier

First of all, it is made with gluten free oats. This element alone has pumped out the amount fiber in your body, allowing your body to function properly. Fiber is great for your body because it attracts cholesterol, salt, and other bad elements. They will be thrown out easily, and that is why eating fiber-rich foods make you healthier. Moreover, we also have potassium from Banana which is also great for your health. Packed with healthy ingredients, the pancake is definitely one of the best meals that you can have for breakfast.

In order to make this special breakfast, you do not need something fancy. In addition to oats and banana, you also need an egg, vanilla, yogurt, baking powder, and blueberries. All of them can be obtained easily. The method is fairly simple. You just need to blend all ingredient except the blueberry. After that, put a butter on nonstick skillet heated over medium heat. Pour the batter accordingly, and wait until you see a bubble on top. In the meantime, you can add the blueberry. After that, flip the pancake and wait for a while. That is all how to make pancake for a healthier life.

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