Funny Bonzi Buddy The Computer Assistant

If you love to do many things on the computer; you should know this computer assistant named Bonzi Buddy. This is one of the popular computer assistant or software that will not only giving you information but also amusing you. You know, this software has a mascot you will love, purple gorilla. It will be very good if you love cute things. So, find out more about this software here.

Bonzi Buddy The Funny And Helpful Computer Assistant Software

This software is released in 1999 and created by Joe and Jay Bonzi. They developed the software until 2004 and it is discontinued. There are many reasons why the software is discontinued. However, you should not worry because maybe you can still find the software and download it even many people thought the Bonzi Buddy is like spyware that always collects all the information of the users. However, there are several actual functions of this Bonzi as follow:

  1. Managing all downloads.
  2. Telling you jokes and facts.
  3. Giving you latest news.
  4. Amusing you with its singing.
  5. Managing the browser of your internet.

So, there are many more functions of this software as your computer assistant. You may find out all the information of this software in the next website page I will tell you. You will find out the mascot sing a song too. I guess you will like it if you love the mascot of a purple gorilla.

Well, those are all the information you can get from here. If you need to know more about this Bonzi; you can find out here: and you will find all about the software and the mascot. You will be very amused if you try the software. Maybe you will find out whether you could use the software again these days or not on the next website page.

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