Fancy Jewelry Ideas For You

When we talk about our jewelry collection we have, we sometimes tend to forget to bring out the topic about its storage. Meanwhile, the storage is the next thing that comes after the collection. Isn’t it cool when you have everything you love stored in one special place and admiring it every time you have the chance to look at it? Your neatly stored jewelry collection will leave you amazed when they are all together inside a fancy box. If you are lacking the inspiration to make the DIY jewelry box, we are here to enlighten your way with the ideas. Happy reading, my fellow!

Dig Your Creativity To Make Your DIY Jewelry Box

Before you grab all the materials needed and put your creativity into making a fancy DIY jewelry box, it would be better if you take a look of the jewelry box design and models that suit your taste and soul. As we promised, the jewelry box ideas are elaborated down here. Let’s get started!

  • Cherry jewelry box

Using cherry lumber wood to make a jewelry box is such an excellent idea. The pattern this wood brings is considered exquisitely unique. This jewelry box consists of three parts that let you store your collection well-managed. No wonder why a bunch of people use this vintage box to store their jewelry.

  • Simple colored jewelry box

By simple, I mean soft purple and pink. You can grab a cardboard or your old shoes box that no longer used to make this simple jewelry box. In order to look fancy and girly, you can wrap the box with colored paper and add a pretty ribbon. Voila! Your jewelry can’t wait to get inside there!

If you love anything made of wood to add more classic vibe in your room, you sure would take the first option. And if simplicity is the key to your life, you might love the second option. Dig your creativity to make your own DIY jewelry box!

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