Essentials Makeup Products

If you are a new to make-up, our makeup tips are very essential. If you have powder and lipstick, those are not enough. There are some basic makeup tips and products for newbies. Those essentials are a great step to start makeup. All of these basic makeup steps is very helpful and indeed enough to make your makeup pouch complete with great products for everyday usage. Thinking about make-up tools and tips for a beginner is actually easy as long as you realize that you actually do not need to put all the make up in your lovely pouch. The very important makeup product is the complexion products which are a primer, foundation, and concealer.

Makeup Tips For Complexion

There three makeup products for complexion which are a primer, foundation, and concealer. Our makeup tips can cover your flaw in your face.

  1. Primer

Primer is a product that will make your makeup last longer. However, this product is rarely used although this essential is quite important. Primer will fine lines, smooth annoying large pores, and also wrinkles.

  1. Foundation

Foundation is the one of the first thing that people think when they hear about the “make-up things”. This essential will change your skin tone to be lighten up. There are many good foundations out there. You can use from light, medium, or if you want you can do full coverage.

  1. Concealer

If you want to look beautiful and shiny, but you are too lazy to rub base makeup like the bb cream or foundation, concealer is the best solution. Concealer is crucial to hide some annoying unwanted spots like acne scar, dark spot, blemishes, and also dark circle. You can only put some concealer and the unwanted spots will be gone in a second!

That’s all for complexion makeup tips. Go grab them all!

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