ESP Cheat Function In Cheat PB

Cheat PBHaving the elements in the cheat PB indeed makes us confident to win it, but the cheat can also be a boomerang for us if we cannot use the trick that will then even make it complicated and confused for players who can get less game this online. One cheat feature that can be used as a surefire strategy to beat the opponent is a cheat ESP feature. This feature is not too different from the visual cheat because this feature will be very suitable if combined with wall hack because this function can see the robot or enemy from a distance.

Various Features Of Cheat ESP In Cheat PB

As well as a visual cheat that consists of multiple supporting elements and has a significant function to be able to defeat the enemy. Cheat ESP also has many features, including ESP name, this feature serves to display the position of the enemy even though they hide in the distance, but with this feature will be readily seen by revealing the name of the character from the straight opponent. Also, there is also ESP health. ESP health is a feature that can show your enemy from a distance and even hide it by displaying characters from cheat PB opponents. Another feature that can be used is ESP line is a feature that can make the player can see the enemy even if the opponent is hiding and distance away by way of showing the wire that goes to the candidate PB characters.

Other ESP cheat features in the cheating PB are the ESP box. The ESP box is a feature that can see the opposite positions far apart and hide by displaying plates on the opposing PB characters. Also, there is also ESP head, an element that will make the player can see the enemy position by showing the character’s head of the opponent PB so it can easily defeat the opponent. Those are some of the features of the cheat PB especially those on the ESP cheat function.

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