Elephant Bathing Tour Package In Bali

When you heard the word “Elephant”, what are you thinking about? You will obviously think about the gigantic animal, with tusk and trunk. The elephant is a gigantic land animal, but they can be playful, and friendly, especially during their bath time. If you want to enjoy the unusual experience with an elephant, then you might like our elephant bathing Bali tour package. Located in elephant park, Taro, Ubud, Bali, our tour package offers you an amazing encounter with a friendly and cute elephant. Not only you are going to ride them through your safari tour, but you will also enjoy them while they are bathing. Enjoy a splash of cool water as they playfully splash it for you. If you want brand new experience with this cute but gigantic animal, then our elephant bathing tour package will offer you our services. What you will get is more than just bathing tour in here.

Enjoy Our Various Services For Elephant Bathing Bali Tour

Our Elephant bathing Bali tour package includes complete services and accommodation. Enjoy your stroll through elephant park Bali without hesitant or time. You can enjoy strolling through the park, safari ride, and many more without any time limit, so enjoy it to your heart content. Not only that, this package also included complete free breakfast buffet. Enjoy your warm breakfast after bathing in the cool lake with cute elephants, and then enjoy your buffet breakfast while enjoy watching the cute elephants playing under the warm tropical morning sun, and drying themselves. Our package included air conditioned hotel transfers and the accident insurance.

If you are curious and interested in our elephant breakfast and bathing tour package, then you can order and book online. Book online now, as our tour package is limited to certain numbers daily. If you don’t do it quickly, then you won’t get to purchase our elephant bathing Bali tour package. Order it now, on our website, and we will give you an economic and reasonable price.

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