Easy And Simple Street Taco Recipe

street taco recipeTaco is one of the most famous foods of the Mexico and of course you can make this food on your own, and with a very simple and easy way to do. So, if you want to make this food on your own, you need to read this article, because we will talk about the street taco recipe for you and of course, this could be the simplest and easiest recipe that you can find yet. So, if you are curious about it, let’s take a look a little closer on how you can make your own taco in the house.

Street Taco Recipe With Instruction

But, before we move forward, you need to know about all the ingredients that you need to make a taco. If you already know it, you can skip this section and move to the last section where we will discuss steps in making a taco. If you don’t know about the ingredients yet, you can stay and read this section very carefully. First, you need about 1 ½ guacamole, 1 cup of chopped onion, and 8 corn tortillas with usual sizes, 4 chopped cilantro and 4 cups of cooked chicken breast. Those are the things that you need to make your own taco at the house and of course this ingredient according to the street taco recipe easy and also simple and for the beginner, you can do this very fast.

After you have all of that, you need to know the further step, the first is you need to heat up the corn tortillas in the microwave about three minutes, after you heat it up, you need to take it out and put the rest of ingredients start from chicken chunk, guacamole, onion, and for the last is the cilantro. Your taco is ready to eat and serve this is how you make a taco with using the street taco recipe.

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