Dangers From Excessive Eating

If you are a person who wants to start a healthy life, then it is very important to rearrange your lifestyle. Starting from regulating sports, and the most important thing is to regulate your diet and also manage what you eat. There a lot of people types, some people like sweet foods, some people like salty foods. If sweet foods can increase the risk of diabetes that is very disturbing and cause the sufferer to the death. Then what are the risks if we over consuming salty foods? It turns out like if you consume too much sweet food, consuming too much salty food is also harmful to your health.

Don’t Eat Salty Food Too Much

Excessive consumption of salty foods not only affects the rapid gain in weight. Salty foods like chips and instant noodles make us at great risk of bone fragility, and osteoporosis. Many people know that such bone diseases usually only happen to the elderly. It turns out that such bone disease can also happen to young people who really like to consume salty foods. The habit of eating salty foods or high salt can lower the level of bone density. This is certainly very dangerous, and you should start paying attention to the level of salinity in your diet, does not care if you are young or old.

Based on several studies, it was found that an adult woman may experience a decrease in bone density by one percent every year, simply because of the habit of eating high-sodium foods. Especially if you are a very lazy person to exercise, then the chances of decreased bone quality decreased. With exercise and diligent physical activity, muscle and bone will become denser and stronger. If you do not routinely do so, the muscles and bones become weaker, so the risk of having bone problems and osteoporosis will be higher.

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