Choosing Safe Foods

Health careMost of the illness is caused by food. The food we eat has a major impact on our health. Even the smallest disease is caused by the influence of the food we eat. Such spicy food or cold drinks if we eat it does not pay attention to the quantity and quality of these foods can make our stomach sick so it will cause diseases that interfere with our stomach. So, it is a very dangerous disease if we always consume unhealthy and unsafe food even though its bad influence is not felt when young but maybe you feel after you age gets older. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing good food, healthy and safe for your health is not disturbed.

Additives Are Safe For Food

Food becomes tasty because it is added with certain ingredients that can make the food taste very good to eat. Additives that are allowed to be processed along with foods include sweeteners, flavorings, dyes, antioxidants, and others. However, the use of the additive has a maximum limit for use. Additive ingredients are not all safe, there are some that are not recommended for food use because it is harmful to the human body if consumed. The average of good additives to be processed with food is natural and not synthetic or artificial.

Natural additives that are allowed to be processed along with food are ingredients made mostly from nature such as plants or animals. Natural additives commonly used by the community such as sweetener that is turmeric for orange and pandan leaves for green color and also provides a distinctive scent, additives like this healthy and good to be processed with food. Use of this material will make the food has a color and a distinctive taste and healthy to eat. Therefore, if the food is processed with healthy ingredients then the food is safe and does not cause disease when consumed

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