Choosing The Best Hosting Sites

If you are a blogger, and you still looking for the best place that can give you the best hosting place, you might in the right place, because we can give you some information about the file hosting site that could bring the best upon you as a blogger. So, when you don’t find anything yet, you need to read this article, because we will share about two best file hosting site that you can use nowadays. Well, for you who might look for the best hosting site, this could be the best article that you can read. So, let’s check it out.

Best Hosting Site For Beginners

First, we will talk about the siteground. This files hosting site will give you about three different methods of hosting files. You can choose which that can be perfect for your own blog. There is Startup which is perfect for you who just started to blogging and this will available on $3.95 monthly and you will get 10 GB storage as well. The second methods called the GoBig, a little bit expensive about $5.95 and you will get 20 GB storage, perfect for you who might think your blog can bring about 25.000 traffic each month. The last one is the methods that you can use if you own a bigger blog, the GoGeek. Available at $11.95 and you will get 30 GB storage which also can be good for you who might think your blog will gather about 100.000 traffic each month.

Those are the siteground, and now we will move into the BlueHost. If you are looking for the best and experiences hosting site, this site will be perfect for you. Founded in 1996 and also in this site you are no longer need to choose any kind of methods, you will be all cover with only pay about $2.95 each month. So, if you want further information about these files hosting site, you can visit the Sitehostingadvisor to enlighten yourself and find the best hosting site for you.

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