Catfish Supplier With The Highest Quality

Let’s admit it, it’s hard to say no to the catfish dishes. Its delicious taste is enough to make our tongue tingling. The catfish has been popular since forever ago and the popularity of it seems never go down on the hill. I can say catfish is a pretty potential fish that are available throughout the year. If you plan to start the food business, catfish can be your basic ingredient. A lot of owner of some eatery place has contacted the frozen catfish supplier to get their supply. Anyway, we have something to tell before you purchase the product.

Catfish Farming Procedural In The Frozen Catfish Supplier

Frozen catfish supplier in Indonesia offers the highest quality of the product for their regular client. The taste of the catfish you ate last night begin here. So, here is the procedural of the catfish farming before they are ready being shipped to your location:

  • The supplier uses a high-quality breeding fish to lay the eggs in a container to protect them from the predators.
  • This breeding fish can lay up to thousands of eggs in a year which then grows in the fish farm.
  • In order to grow the egg, they will be moved into a special hatchery that’s used to hatch the eggs.
  • After a while, the eggs will hatch the sac fry which will stay inside this hatchery container until they grow into the tiny size of fingerling.
  • The fingerling will be transferred to many fish pond so they will have a bigger room to grow until reach the size of seven inches.
  • The fishes grow in the freshwater pond for at least one until two years until their weight reach two pounds and ready to harvest.

The harvested fish then will be sent to the factory area for the next step. In the factory, they will be totally cleaned. The clean meat will be frozen to keep its freshness while being sent. That’s the final step of the catfish in the frozen catfish supplier.

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