Canon Wireless Setup With Added Security

Canon Wireless SetupSetting up the printer is the really important thing that should be done. The reason is that it determines whether you can use the printer or not. If you want to set up the printer, it is important to make sure the printer can be turned on at the very first time. You need to set up the cable that connects to the electric socket. It is the only thing that you should do before you can try printing documents wirelessly. If you want to do that, you can try canon wireless setup. Of course, it is only applicable if you use canon printer. If you want to know how to connect it, be sure to read more.

Connecting Canon Wireless Setup

There are some ways to connect your canon printer to the local network. However, the easiest and the quickest way is to use WPS. Using WPS for wireless printing is simple. You just need to turn on the WPS function in your router while your printer is set to find Wi-Fi signal. Depending on router manufacturer, you may need to push and press the button for some seconds or even minutes. Be sure to read the manual for turning on the WPS. Canon wireless setup begins from this stage, and it is incomplete without added security.

If you want to have better security, it is essential to make sure your printer is connected to the right network. The chance is not high that your printer is connected to the wrong network. However, you should make sure. In order to do that, you can check it by pressing and holding resume/cancel button until the indicator lamp blinks 15 times. After that, a printout will be made for you. Check the result, and match it with the local network it is supposed to be connected to. If the data are correct, the printer is now safe to use locally. That is how canon wireless setup should be done.

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