Canned Mackerel Buying Guides

Seafood is usually identical to fresh food, especially saltwater fish which is considered as the healthiest food in the whole world. However, some people decide to choose canned fish, including mackerel canned fish, to consume due to geographical or economic reasons. For those of you who like to eat canned fish, you need to be careful before buying canned fish. Canned fish usually have problems in hygiene and hazardous substances, although there are also many good and highly recommended canned fish. There are many studies that can help you avoid bad canned fish, including mackerel. Here are some things you need to consider before buying a canned fish product.

Things You Should Pay Attention To Before Buying Mackerel Canned Fish

By 2015, the environmental watchdog Greenpeace released a canned mackerel buyer guide. They found that there were more than a dozen brands of mackerel canned fish containing mercury and other harmful ingredients. Indeed, mercury is commonly found in some canned fish, as is the case in canned tuna. However, if you do not pay attention to mercury levels contained in canned fish, it could be too high mercury content that can be dangerous. In addition, Greenpeace also found more than 80 percent of mackerel sold in the US comes from unfeasible sources. Many fishing companies use fishing nets with hundreds of hooks to catch the fish.

This is certainly not good for marine ecosystems. Using such fishing methods, fishermen not only catch their mackerel but also other species such as turtles or perhaps sharks. This, of course, can get worse if the netted species are an endangered species. And worse, companies that catch fish with such methods usually do not pay attention to the welfare of their employees. They are treated as unskilled laborers with low wages. Consequently, we as consumers need to look further at which mackerel canned fish products are good. In addition to good health, the product must also be good for the environment.

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