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Today’s free DC comics download will discuss one of the greatest episodes of one of DC heroes. Who is the fastest man alive? Of course, it is the Flash! This hero is one of the most popular, relatable, likable, and greatest heroes in DC comics. The popularity can be seen from the TV series starring Grant Gustin and the upcoming The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. This hero is introduced in Batman Vs Superman as well as Justice League movies. But today, we will discuss the best episode of the Flash entitled Flashpoint!

Free DC Comics Download-Flashpoint

Before you know the way to free DC comics download of Flashpoint episode, you have to know the story first! If you are a fan of The Flash TV series, you must know that Flashpoint is the first episode of The Flash season 3. In the TV series version, Barry goes back to the past to save his mom and changes everything to the present day. He is no longer dating Iris West and there is no Flash team. What about in the comic? It is the same with the TV series version. Barry screws everything up. He can accept his mother’s death, so he decided to go to the past to save his mom.

He can’t accept the fact that Reverse Flash ruins his life, so Barry went back to the past and stopped this villain. Actually, when he went back to the past, he creates the Flashpoint. His action altered the timeline in his universe. In DC universe of Flashpoint, there is no Justice League, the Atlantis and Amazons are at a war, and the most shocking change is the Batman is not Bruce Wayne. Instead, Thomas Wayne is Batman. In the Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne had been killed years ago. Find out more about Flashpoint with free DC comics download.

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