Asus Zenfone News: Capturing Pictures

Asus Zenfone BlogZenfone 3 has already launched its youngest brother, the Zoom version. As you can see the name, it is a smartphone that is very good in taking pictures. As it has been shared in Asus Zenfone News, this smartphone becomes one of the favorites for teenagers. Although it is considered as a middle-end gadget, the smartphone is quite affordable for students and young workers. Having 12 megapixels camera for a middle-end smartphone is such a great gift. Besides, Asus also cooperated with Sony to build the dual rear lens sensor, and it has 2.3 optical zooms with an incredible manual mode. You will certainly be a photographer when using this phone.

Asus Zenfone News To Optimize The Zoom’s Camera

There are several tips that are very important for the Zoom photographers. The first one is you have to make sure that the lens is clean, and if it is not clean, you need to clean it with soft textured fabrics, or tissue. After that, you should set the phone’s quality into the highest quality. A professional photographer will always take the best pictures, not save the memory. According to many Asus Zenfone News, in taking pictures, you should not use any effects. Then, you have to avoid using the flash. Indeed, the Zoom has a sophisticated flashlight, but if it is not necessarily needed, you should not use it.

In choosing the objects, you should avoid choosing a low light object, because the result will not be good enough to see, and using a flashlight is not a way out because it will break the perfect view. then, you could choose the best background or even create it yourself. Then, you need set the focus wisely, because sometimes the Zoom will be very sensitive in choosing the focus in pictures, so the photographer has to be thorough. The last one is that you have to pick a great spot to take pictures, and bringing the Zenfone Zoom in your journey is a great idea. That is all about the short explanation and the tips of taking pictures for the Zoom of Zenfone 3. If you want to see the other up-to-date information, you should see Asus Zenfone News.

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