Antimalware Service Executable in Task Manager

Antimalware Service ExecutableTask manager is definitely helpful source for controlling all behaviors of your application. It is essential to have full control for all applications and programs that you have. The reason is that those applications may not work as you wish. One problem that sometimes makes problem is antimalware service executable. This program is naturally behaving nicely. It helps your computer from malware and bad things to damage your computer. The problem is that it runs occasionally when you do not need it. When it is running, you will be in trouble. It dominates the CPU usage, and any work you are doing at the moment will be put on the lowest priority. The result is drastically low speed of performance.

Controlling Antimalware Service Executable

As Windows users, you must know how to deal with this problem. There are so many ways to do that. However, the most effective way is turning off the feature from the beginning. Turning off antimalware service executable is fairly simple. You only need to find the administrative tool and choose scheduling app. You need to reschedule the antimalware service so that it will not harm your computer performance. Additionally, it also helps your computer from lagging heavily that it is forced to restart. It is another pain in the ass that you will not want to experience.

If you are wondering how to control the malware, you should use the task manager. When your computer starts lagging, you should check the task manager. If it turns out the antimalware service executable is making the problem, you should consider stopping it right now. Ending the process is simple. Just right click the program and choose end program. If it does not work, you should find its core process and terminate the process from there. That is how to control antimalware from task manager.

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