Advantages And Downside Of Being Vegans

Health tipsVegans or vegetarians are people who only eat veggies, grains, nuts, and fruits in their diets and avoid animal products such as cheese, milk, meat, and fish. Some people think that being vegetarian is a good way for a healthy body, although there are also some people who are arguing about this. There are people who are a pro about being vegans and then there are also people who are against it. Firstly, you need to know about the benefits being vegans along with the downside of vegetarians. Now, we will inform you about the advantages and also the downside of being vegans or vegetarians.

What Are The Benefits And Downside Of Being Vegans?

Being vegans mean you will only eat plant products like grain, nuts, veggies, and fruits and you will avoid animal products such as meat, milk, and fish. With full grain and veggies diets, you will actually sustain your nutrition needed for your life, Grains for calories, vitamins from veggies and fruits, protein from tofu and minerals from veggies. You can also cut off your fats consumption, as meat is number one fats supplier. Being vegan can also help you to decrease your cholesterol levels, it is good for being vegans if you are trying to decrease fats and cholesterol level. Plus, you will get so much vitamin and minerals from veggies and fruits diet. Adding more vitamin in your body is never bad you know.

There are also several downsides of being vegans, or the downside of lacking meat, fish and other animal products. Firstly, animal products are number one protein source for our body. Meat and milk are the best food for protein. Protein is used to build your muscle, and regenerate your broken muscle. Meat and milk are very important for a child growing, so it is very important to supply your child with enough protein from milk, meat, and fish. It can be bad if you decide to make your kids being vegans. Even if you replace meat with tofu, you can’t completely replace its function. There will be a lack of protein, and your child growing will be hampered.

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