The Super Food You Cannot Miss in Your Healthy Life

It will always be a very great idea for you to keep yourself healthy all the time. It is because a great health can really make you enjoy the life for the longer time. Aside of that, it can also make all the diseases and toxics away. Then, in case you are so willing to live this kind of lifestyle, you can actually start it by eating some super food. So, what are they? Well, let’s, find out below.

The super food to boost your health


One of the various super food that you netter consume every day is lemon. This specific fruit can be the perfect source of vitamin C that will increase the level of your good cholesterol (HDL) nicely. Aside of that, lemon has the Citrus Flavonoid that will help you to obstruct the growth of the cancer cells and reduce the bad effects of inflammatory as well. In addition, you can consume this fruit by adding 1 to 2 slices of it to your hot tea. This citrus will make the body able to absorb the antioxidant substances more optimally, which is up to 80%.


The other super food that you better add to your dish is broccoli. The reason why you have to choose this food ingredient is because it contains of a lot of vitamin K, which is more than 100%, to suit your daily needs well. Besides, it also has up to 200% of vitamin C and two important nutrients for strengthening your bones. Additionally, it will be nice for you to steam or boil it whenever you want to serve it. Then, you can mix it with the other healthy food or steamed chicken or fish. By doing so, you can still get its best nutrition and fresh taste at once. ingredientsof vitamin C and two important nutrients s of a lot of vitamin K which is more than 100% in o yo